Yet another IBS experiment: Fermented food overload

It is summer and life is busy here at Frugasaurus HQ. Most notably is the extra work associated with trying yet another experiment to try to alleviate Mr. Frugasaurus’ debilitating IBS.

When I first posted about starting this experiment on twitter, there were quite a few requests for updates along the way. I thought I would try to do one large update when we finished, but to be honest, the results so far as so staggering that I would like to share them with you after only the first few weeks.

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When the money isn’t worth it

Full disclosure. I actually wrote a post about money not always being worth it a week ago, but I made the mistake of updating plugins the same day and things crashed and there hadn’t been a backup made that day yet. So it got lost, and I was in such a bad place that just the idea of rewriting it felt like an insurmountable mountain.

Then Angela wrote a post about high functioning anxiety a week later, and I thought to myself “I can do the thing”.

So here we are. And even though we are still young without even a year of expenses in an emergency fund, I have learned that there are definitely instances when the money just isn’t worth it.

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Calming down on the blogging side

As some of you might have noticed, there haven’t been any posts published on this blog for several weeks. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit burnt out. But more than that, I’ve felt like the blog was slowly going from being a joy to feeling like I should posts a few posts each week.

It was getting to the point where I worked on the blog over other projects I was excited about. But this was only ever meant to be a fun side project to share my thoughts, ideas and progress.

So I am stepping down from regular posts. I am not going to stop blogging or anything dramatic like that, and I’m still on twitter and instagram regularly. There are just so many other fun projects I want to pursue. Like my little Etsy shop and trying to write fiction. Maybe it only ever reaches the planning phase while I am doing my Ph.D, but it gives me joy, so I will focus on that.

So this is just a head up to anyone who might have wondered what was up. I am well as can be, life is busy, and I’ll publish updates when and if I have exciting news to share or just can’t keep an idea to myself.

As it should be, I suppose. 🙂

Prepper FI – Can this anxious millennial get there fast enough?

Do you want me to tell you a secret? Out of all the blog posts I’ve read in the personal finance blogosphere – I actually have a favorite! It is titled Prepper FI and is a guest post by That Frugal Pharmacist over at Tread Lightly Retire Early (PS: Her son was diagnosed with cancer in December 2018, if you want to help, here’s a link).

I loved that post because she somehow managed to merge an anxiety for the future with actionable steps and a positive outlook. An impressive feat when you consider that part of their preparedness strategy was to buy their land far enough away from major cities in case of a nuclear attack and subsequent fallout.

I also loved it because That Frugal Pharmacist was already doing so many of the things I want to do in the future, and for many of the same reasons too! I kept thinking I hoped I would be able to write a similar post to hers a handful of years ago.

But will it be soon enough?

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Dreams are like seeds

Since deciding to make a change in my life, there has been a fair bit of reflecting. At this stage, the most important thing is to not rock the boat while we save up a sizeable buffer. We are hibernating if you will.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re not doing nothing. I’m still going to work and Mr. Frugasaurus is still writing as much as he can. On Sunday I even posted another Etsy listing, a rainbow-themed bullet journal calendar. We are steadily plodding along, but if you looked at our life on the surface, you would see no discernible change at all.

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Dealing with parental and societal expectations

A few days ago, I posted a rhetorical question on Twitter, asking if there was a word for when your boss is happy with your work, you are expected to love it because it follows your projected career path, and yet a large piece of you really just want to be off doing something else (other than crippling guilt).

For someone as moderately active on social media as myself, the response was much higher than usual. Most people identified with the sentiment, and a few felt compelled to call me out for “grass is always greener” and spoiled mentality (both men, interestingly).

The thing I find interesting is that I never claimed to like my job. Nor that it fit with my career aspirations. Only that it would seem the logical trajectory for someone with my educational background. A background I have primarily because I was heavily influenced by parental and societal expectations to do the “right” thing. And now I am feeling those same expectations guilt me into staying in my job.

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Sidehustle log 08: 2019 Q1 update

Sidehustle log is an ongoing series in which I explore earning money outside my day job through entrepreneurial efforts. Right now, my focus is on trying to build an Etsy digital download shop that I can run from anywhere in the world where I have my laptop and an internet connection.

That hasn’t always been the case. If you want to know more about how I got here, you can read previous installments of the sidehustle log series here:

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Should we get a tiny house?

I’ve written about getting a tiny house before, way back before we found our current home and bought that (and now a few weeks ago realized I want to be an organic farmer).

Back then, we put the idea aside because we were going to stay in our current city for the foreseeable future until our dream homestead came along. Here we have ample opportunities to rent, and even managed to get onto the first rung of the housing market!

The problem is that the organic farming school I would like to attend is located in a small county on the west coast of Norway. Most students live in the dormitory on campus grounds, but that is not feasible for us since Mr. Frugasaurus is coming along for the ride.

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Allow yourself to hibernate on the long slog to financial independence

If you’ve been working towards financial independence/debt freedom for a few years, you might be familiar with the middle years saving slog. You know, that large chunk between being super-exited because you’ve found this amazing new way to live, and actually getting there.

It can be five, ten, fifteen, twenty years between hearing about financial independence and getting there. Especially if you have dependents or disability jacking up your expenses and decreasing your savings rate.

Tanja over at Our Next Life has written some excellent posts about getting through the middle saving year slog. It is a fantastic post, and great if you have a meaningful job you enjoy. If not, of course there is power in saving money so you might be able to change that.

But if you’re like me, maybe you have a job that is perfectly all right, but with somethings you could be without. It’s not your dream job, but you are intending to stay until your savings look healthier. Perhaps you’re trying to start a sidehustle or two on the side, and you’re starting to feel burnt out.

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Why farming?

Earlier this week, I wrote about our plan for a dramatic change in lifestyle.

To me, this is life coming full circle. I am finally confident enough in myself to identify what I truly want and go for it. Where I only saw the impossible as a child, I can now see how we can make it possible to survive off the land, even if we make a pittance growing fruits and vegetables.

But why on earth would I want to be a farmer? And an organic one at that?

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