10 Awesome Sustainable Frugal Bloggers To Follow

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but without sacrificing your frugal priorities? Look no further! Here are 10 fantastic blogs who bring you the best of both worlds.

Sustainability and frugality are a match made in heaven. If you consume less – you also have less of a carbon footprint! It’s a win-win all around. And don’t forget 12 sustainable swaps that can save you serious frugal bucks.

Below are 10 kick-ass blogs with a focus on living more kindly with our earth. In no particular order – be sure to give them some love!

1. Tread Lightly Retire Early

Angela over at Tread Lightly Retire Early is a legend when it comes to sharing other bloggers work and leaving positive feedback. She made the amazing list of Women Of The Financial Independence Movement, and has recently made a splash with a bunch of amazing guest posts focusing on the environment, sustainability and zero-waste.

She focuses on happiness, raising a family and making sure to live life right now, not just after they reach financial independence. Other people are realizing how awesome she is too, and she has appeared in several podcast episodes already. Such as FIRE Drill Podcast, Countdown to FI and His and Her FI.

2. Budget Epicurean

Budget Epicurean is, as the name suggest, a blog largely focused on frugal food and making the most of what you have. Frugality and budgeting get a lot of attention on this blog, and you can follow all the different foodie goodness that gets made throughout the week. Certainly a great place to stop by for inspiration!

Together with Angela above, they have been tracking their trash to help us all get more aware of just how much waste a normal person produces. Another great series she is running is the One Small Thing posts where she shows you one small change you can make to live a little more sustainably. Be sure to check that one out!

3. Triple Bottom Line FI

Laura writes over at Triple Bottom Line FI, and if you are not familiar, the triple bottom line refers to a business’ social responsibility, environmental impact and economic value. Marrying these three concepts means you aim to focus just as much on the environment and social justice as on the financial side, and boy does Laura do a good job at it.

I was super impressed (and intrigued!) when I first heard Laura over at her FIRE Drill podcast interview back in September. Here was certainly a person I wanted to know more about! Her dumpster diving skills are enviable, and her focus on making sure her investments are ethically sound is beyond admirable. She also wrote the first ever guest post over at Your Money or Your Life, which shows you just how awesome she is.

4. Our Next Life

Tanja over at Our Next Life is a legend in the personal finance blogosphere, and not without reason. Her posts are thoughtful, thorough and relatable. While she writes a lot about financial independence, travel and their recent experiences with retiring early – she also has some fantastic posts about sustainabiliy.

Some of my favorites are Frugal = Environmental = Healthy, Building Climate Change Into Your Early Retirement Plans, and Why We Don’t Buy Bitcoin Or Any Other Cryptocurrency. She also hosts a fantastic feminism-focused podcast with co-host Tara called The Fairer Cents.

5. Kiwi and Keweenaw

Ashley blogs over at Kiwi and Keweenaw and is an awesome, plant-based (at home) frugal enthusiast. Some times I wonder if we are secretly blogging twins, because our stories are similar more than one place! She posts updates about her garden and frugal week in general. It is easy to be inspired when the stories are this relatable!

Like so many bloggers I have already mentioned, Ashley has been interviewed over at FIRE Drill podcast (what can I say, they have good taste), so head on over there if you prefer a more audio-based experience.

6. That Frugal Pharmacist

When Angela launched a post about Prepper FI by That Frugal Pharmacist, I was hooked. Beyond hooked. I kept reading and re-reading the post, dreaming of the day when we would live a similar life in the future. As the name suggest, she is a frugal pharmacist with lots of thoughtful and eye opening posts about life, freelancing and paying off their mortgage.

Recently, her son Uriah was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and she has been understandably quiet on the blogging side of things. If you have money to spare and a will to donate, why don’t you head on over to a page dedicated to Uriah’s fight?

7. Ethical Millions

Ethical millions is a fairly new blog on the scene. Again we can rely on the name to infer the primary focus. Like many of us, they are looking for ways to invest ethically. A venture that is more difficult than it should be and has many of us twisting into pretzels while looking for good alternatives.

Like many frugal bloggers, the tend a garden. And like many working professionals, they travel a fair bit for work, but try to do so as ethically as possible. I think this blog shows some great promise, and hope to see them grow and find some amazing ethical investment solutions.

8. Little Green Revelations

Little Green Revelations has just the style of blogging I find myself drawn towards. Their style is kind, curious, and above all, personal. They focus on changes, mental health and minimizing mindfully. What’s not to love?

I have also interacted a little with them on twitter, and their outpourings about giving and generosity warms my heart. I look forward to seeing what more she has to write.

9. The Frugal Fellow

Hands up for the gents! The Frugal Fellow is a blog focusing on the happy combination of sound personal finance practices and a frugal, environmentally conscious mindset. He has a whole archive devoted just to his sustainability posts, many of which touch on important societal issues.

How about achieving Intentional and Sustainable Living? 5 Ways to be Frugal While Saving the Environment? Or Is Consumerism Responsible for your Floundering Budget? Curious hearts want to know, and the Frugal Fellow is definitely one on our team.

10 awesome frugal and sustainable blogs to follow in 2019

10. Zero-Waste Chef

Anne Marie is not a blogger you find in the traditional personal finance spheres. She is a zero-waste devotee through and through, and I love her for it. Hers is the blog I check out if news are getting me particularly down about the environment. Hers is the sourdough recipe that enabled me to finally bake sourdough bread that rose properly. Not to mention her cheesy (without any cheese) sourdough crackers are as simple as they are addictive.

Her blog is stuffed to the brim with inspiration if you want to reduce your waste and eat more locally. How about the 31 day zero-waste January challenge? Or one of her many posts on reducing food waste? Her wholesome recipes are primed to improve your health and carbon footprint, plus it would probably increase your wealth too.

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  1. Thank you, Kristine for compiling this information into a helpful post. It’s a great resource. I also appreciate you including my website. I would only suggest we add Frugasaurus to that list as well. Your content is very insightful and motivating. You’ve strengthened your impact even more with your contribution of this list.

    • I agree with this sentiment! Kristine, I know it’s the list on your blog, but you certainly need to include yourself here as well!

      Have just started noticing Ethical Millions on Twitter but now you have me thinking I need to jump down the rabbit hole πŸ™‚

      • Haha, thank you both! I appreciate the compliment – but it feels a tad too self-complimentary to put my own blog on the list. πŸ˜‰

        I’ll just have to hope that if they find this list they’ll be curious enough to explore some other posts as well!

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