2019 Intention – Creation Before Consumption

It’s that time of year again. When a lot of people set New Years resolutions for themselves and aim way too high to avoid crashing and burning by February/March.

I was never big on New Years Resolutions. As I have written about in a previous post, trying to wait until the start of a new month or the start of a new year has been a recipe for failure for me. The slate is too clean, the failure too big when you stumble.

So instead I advocate starting in the middle of the week, the middle of the month and in the middle of the year. Whenever you get the idea to start that thing, do it. And don’t worry about whether or not it is perfect. Just start, and accept it when life will inevitably get in the way. That is all right. All we can do is do the best we can to get back on track.

That is why I don’t particularly like New Years resolutions, but instead suggesting trying to set an intention for the year to come. Is there a new habit you would like to focus on this year? Have you wanted to get better at reaching out to friends and familiy for socializing? Or do you simply want to carve more time to yourself this year?

For me, what I want to focus on this year is creation before consumption.

I do not mean to imply that consumption is bad. It can be an excellent way to unwind and relax. This Yule I have spent several hours reading and enjoying fiction on the kindle Mr. Frugasaurus gave me a few years ago. To me, the kindle is the ultimate travel companion. 50 books take no extra space in my luggage, and add no clutter to our home when we return. I can have 3-4 books lined up and ready to go for when I finish what I am currently reading, and my bag is not any heavier.

We also enjoy movies and series, and like to indulge in silly youtube videos from time to time. We are no non-consumers.

But what I want to focus on for 2019 is to try to carve an hour of creation before we consume. This can be writing for the blog, creating printables, or creative things while we consume like knitting, crochet or sewing if my brain is too tired to fathom active creation.

This also means to try my best to work on the blog before other tasks, such as answering comments, checking twitter or my Etsy stats. This clause in my intent is going to be a difficult one. It is so dreadfully easy to just have a small peak when I get up in the morning. I average about 60 minutes screen time on my phone daily, so I do not think I am the worst of the bunch. But I do realize that I could do better, and these are 60 minutes (at least 30) I could be spending on other things.

I have no intentions of going on a social media fast or smartphone lockdown, but I do wish to try to spend my time more mindfully. I am not entirely sure how to treat emails in this mix, as I do need to keep on top for my job, but I am sure an hour or two in the morning of radio silence would not do any harm.

The strength of creation

Of course, the reason I am focusing on the habit of creating content, is that I eventually want to become employer independent. I have promised myself that I will not chase after freelance work in 2019 because my dayjob can be very demanding. Instead I want to focus on passive income streams from my own creative content.

I want to learn to be a creator first, consumer second. As a reward and as a conscious choice. Not as a mindless autopilot move.

I know I am going to fail some days. That I will be too tired or stressed from work to fathom writing a blog post or make anything else. But with this as the focus of the year. I hope I will have the awareness to get back faster than usual.

At least, that is the theory.

Allowance to fail

You might have noticed that I am reiterating in this post how I expect to fail at least a handful of times over the coming year. That is intentional. Because life gets in the way and I am not perfect and all sorts of other excuses.

I am reminding myself that it is all right to fail because I inevitably will. If my intention was to get up at 4 am every morning and work for at least one hour on creative things before doing anything else all of 2019, it would have been so much harder to keep working when I fall off the horse. Perfection in habits is not something I strive for because it is so demotivating when it fails.

That is why I am giving me and you, and everybody reading this, permission to fail whatever intentions and habits they have resolved for 2019. It is ok to not be perfect. The important thing is whether or not you keep trying to establish those habits and chase those goals.

What are you 2019 intentions?

Do you have anything specific you want to focus on this year? Anything in particular you wish to try to develop or keep developing? I’d love to hear how other people are planning to hit 2019, both financial and otherwise.

Onwards to 2019!

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