Hi there! We are the Frugasaurus team! A small family of frugal millennials from Norway. Our hobbies include reading, writing, saving and working towards financial independence, doing good in the world, crafts, board games, cooking, organic farming and many other things.

This blog is about our journey to a more frugal, financially independent and environmentally friendly lifestyle, where we are free to be our own boss and can retreat to our dream home of a sustainable cabin in the woods/homestead with a large forest garden where we can grow a large proportion of our food and ideally be off-grid.  We are really excited that you’ve come to share this little spot of the internet with us. Without further ado, here are the members of our little tribe:

Mr. Frugasaurus (Mr. E.)

Mr. Frugasaurus is the literary expert of the team and an avid reader and writer. He spends most of his days reading, writing or analysing books. When he doesn’t, he’s probably climbing a bouldering wall or hunting for good deals in the grocery shop.

He hopes to one day live off his writing in its entirety, so that we may one day retire to a quaint little home deep in the woods/by the coast somewhere, with ample hiking, berry-picking and mountain possibilities.

Kristine (Mrs. Frugasaurus)

Kristine is an geek with one true passion: the environment. With an M.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry, she thought earnestly that she could help change the world. After studying science for some time however, she quickly came to realise that all the research we need has already been published (some 30-40 years ago) and that current research is more like icing on the cake, or further underlining previous research if you will. What was needed was action.

This led Kristine to mostly eschew animal products, particularly industrialised agriculture, stop buying new clothes and avoiding plastic and disposables whenever she could. She also dreams of one day having a large forest garden where she can grow and preserve most of the food needed for the whole year in an awesome carbon neutral or carbon negative off-grid home.

Being currently employed in a temporary, long-term contract, Kristine is trying to become employer independent by the middle of 2021. If possible, she would love to attend this organic farming school before that and build a new life on a homestead while earning money through digital sidehustles.

Kristine’s sidehustles:



We are very lucky in that we both share a similar upbringing in the socioeconomic upper working class. The way this panned out is that we both have relatively similar experiences and attitudes towards money. We are both naturally debt averse, and at present, we only carry student loans and a mortgage.

We are also white, and from a country where education is widely available without a killer tuition. We also both grew up in reasonably stable homes with food in the cupboards (not always exciting food, but food none the less), clothes on our back and a roof over our head. We do realise that this makes us heavily privileged in a lot of ways, and we try to be aware of our privilege as best we can.

In addition, we are both idealists in our own field. Mr. Frugasaurus is big on gender equality and LGBTQA rights, while Kristine leans more towards the environmental causes.

We wish to pursue financial independence for various reason. One is the location independence, so that we are able to buy less expensive land which would be difficult to commute to and from daily. Another is stability. We have both experienced a financial crisis and a general inability to find good, relevant work. Add to that the experience that being employed by someone and relying on them for your paycheck makes you somewhat at risk, and you’re getting something of a picture. Mr. Frugasaurus is also struggling with a chronic condition, and Kristine really just wants to grow food, reduce her carbon footprint and hang out with friends, and you’ll see why financial independence was so attractive to us.

We might not go about it in the “traditional way”. With a fixed term contract, there is a deadline in May 2021 for when we want to be earning enough on our sidehustles to at least sustain ourselves in terms of rent, student loans and food. We don’t really have aspirations to become rich. As long as we can pay our bills and have food on the table, we will be happy. Property taxes are also quite low in Norway, so when our future house is paid off, that will mean a large drop in our monthly expenses.

So welcome to our blog! We hope you’ll like it here.

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