Calming down on the blogging side

As some of you might have noticed, there haven’t been any posts published on this blog for several weeks. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit burnt out. But more than that, I’ve felt like the blog was slowly going from being a joy to feeling like I should posts a few posts each week.

It was getting to the point where I worked on the blog over other projects I was excited about. But this was only ever meant to be a fun side project to share my thoughts, ideas and progress.

So I am stepping down from regular posts. I am not going to stop blogging or anything dramatic like that, and I’m still on twitter and instagram regularly. There are just so many other fun projects I want to pursue. Like my little Etsy shop and trying to write fiction. Maybe it only ever reaches the planning phase while I am doing my Ph.D, but it gives me joy, so I will focus on that.

So this is just a head up to anyone who might have wondered what was up. I am well as can be, life is busy, and I’ll publish updates when and if I have exciting news to share or just can’t keep an idea to myself.

As it should be, I suppose. πŸ™‚

6 Comments on “Calming down on the blogging side

  1. Good for you. Blogging is a freaking time consuming thing and not something you should be stressing about if it’s no longer fun. That flexibility is why I don’t want to worry about the money making side of blogging – knowing that I can step away at any time keeps it more fun for me, I think.

    • Thank you! I am intending to write an update soon-ish. It has been such a relief to let go of my self-imposed schedule and just enjoy the process again.

  2. So glad you made a decision to prioritize your well-being and that you posted this update. I had been wondering… I experience some of the same feelings regarding the opportunity costs of blogging.

    Look forward to reading your updates.

    • Thank you! I know I’m not the only one finding so many other things to fill my time with too. Hope you’ll post some garden pictures. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought you’d written a recent post but I couldn’t get to the post itself to comment (last weekish?) so I didn’t realize you hadn’t been posting lately but I’m glad that you’re doing what’s best for you. We’ll be here. <3

    • I had! But the blog crashed just as I posted it, before running a backup. And then I just didn’t feel motivated to write it again. Maybe next week. xD
      Thank you for the encouragement!

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