Allow yourself to hibernate on the long slog to financial independence

If you’ve been working towards financial independence/debt freedom for a few years, you might be familiar with the middle years saving slog. You know, that large chunk between being super-exited because you’ve found this amazing new way to live, and actually getting there. It…

Why We Would Not Mind Paying A 70% Marginal Tax Rate

Why we don't mind a 70% marginal tax rate - and you shouldn't either

… If any suggestion of marginal tax rate applied to us. Presently, we’re not anywhere close to being high enough earners. But what if we were? Let’s first explore what a marginal tax rate and tax rates in general. Norway and the rest of…

Fighting Burnout Without Going Broke

Hi, my name is Kristine and I burnout like a candle if I don’t get ample downtime on a regular basis. Preferably alone or with the few people I trust to relax properly around. These are interesting times. Automation is taking over more and…

Why Do We Expect Everyone To Manage Working Full Time?

In the ideal world most people agree that it would be awesome if teachers had the time and resources to follow up every single student individually from a young age. To figure out how that particular child learns, and help them utilize it. We…

The Benefits of Dating a Trans Man

The Benefits of Dating a Trans Man

Post Marriage – Our solution to semi-shared finances

Post Marriage – Our Semi-Combined Finances

Is full time employment right for you?

Is full time the right choice for you? Just like everything else, make sure this is a conscious decision with eyes wide open.

Is early retirement selfish?

Are early retirees and people who pursue financial independence inherently selfish? Let’s take a look at that.

Basic Income – or what to do if money is no object

What would you do if money was no object? And why should that be at the forefront of your mind?