Prepper FI – Can this anxious millennial get there fast enough?

Do you want me to tell you a secret? Out of all the blog posts I’ve read in the personal finance blogosphere – I actually have a favorite! It is titled Prepper FI and is a guest post by That Frugal Pharmacist over at…

Plant A Tree

Please, please plant a tree? It’s related to personal finance, I promise. Well, sort of. It’s related to how we interact with the world and how we take care of it. This post is going to have math. Not a lot of it, but still…

Banking On Values – Ethical Banks And Where To Find Them

Today, 8th of November, is the international day for banking on values. Did you know that there is a whole alliance dedicated to transparent and ethical banks? It’s called the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, and it has 55 banks as members all…

Two Weeks Of (Trying To) Avoid Single Use Plastic

Two Weeks Of (Trying To) Avoid Single Use Plastic

Imperfect Zero-Waste: Guest Post On Tread Lightly Retire Early

Frugasaurus does a guest post!

Imperfect Zero-Waste: Guest Post On Tread Lightly Retire Early!

10 Ways to Avoid Food Waste

10 Tips for how to Avoid Food Waste, rescuing those leftovers and saving money and the planet in the process!

The Electric Bike

The Electric Bike – how it saves ut time, energy, space, and encourages us to grab opportunities we would otherwise miss!

Experiments In Zero-Waste: Hair Care

Experiments In Zero-Waste: Hair Care. How I transitioned away from shampoo, balms, and all that fuzz.

Sustainable Alternatives: Methanol (and trees!)

Sustainable Alternatives: Methanol (and trees!) – I am coming for your lawns, y’all. Better run and hide!

Green Growth – An Ethical Index Fund

Green Growth – The Launch of an Ethical Index Fund. It’s lots of small changes like these that could eventually help #movethedate