September 2018 – Relationships And Changes

September has been a month largely dominated by the teaching semester being on in full. Work has been hectic, and even though we made attempts at being social, I have just had to scale back.  Mr. Frugasaurus is also working hard on making his…

August 2018 – Net Worth Zero!

August 2018 – Net Worth Zero!

July 2018 – Month Of Monstrous Spending!

July 2018 – Month Of Monstrous Spending! Or the month we decided that two transport devices are better than one…

June Review

June Review – Expenses abound!

May Review

This month we did not even come close to a 50% savings rate!

March Review And Expense Report

We are really starting to look forward to spring in this months expense report. It’s all about the sun, and candy!

February update and more

It’s been over a month since I last shared our spending and how the blog is doing, let’s remedy that!

November review

Are you curious about how the Frugasaurus household and the blog performed in November? Here’s the breakdown!