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How Are You Motivated?

How Are You Motivated? Mr. E. and I share the two quite different ways of how we approach reaching our goals.


Home And Brave Experiments

Home And Brave Experiments, an update on recent events.

A Week Without Internet

A Week Without Internet – and my new experiment.

There Are No “Others”

There Are No “Others”, or how volunteering and getting engaged can help in the transition between working life and financial independence!

Anxiety: Opportunities Lost And What I Do About It

Anxiety: Opportunities Lost And What I Do About It #MentalHealthMay

Relying On Your Partner – One Target At A Time

Relying On Your Partner – One Target At A Time. How I realised I had to step back to step it up.

Your Money Or Your Life – 2018 Revision Review

I’ve read the new edition of Vicki Robin’s classic – Your Money Or Your Life!

Svalbard And Ponderings On Universal Basic Income

Svalbard And Ponderings On Universal Basic Income. What can we learn from the community in the high north?

The Advantage Of Autism And Personal Finance

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with autism, answering a lifelong question about why I was so different from other children and the people around me.
Often presented as a stereotype in media, here are four reasons why a pattern oriented mind is a great thing for financial independence!

Buy It For Life

I share some thoughts on our “medium middle” ideas between frugality and the buy it once movement.

The Importance of Sharing Finances

Today’s post is in honour of International women’s day. I share a personal story and implore a call to action for family finanes!