Dreams are like seeds

Since deciding to make a change in my life, there has been a fair bit of reflecting. At this stage, the most important thing is to not rock the boat while we save up a sizeable buffer. We are hibernating if you will.

Don’t get me wrong. We’re not doing nothing. I’m still going to work and Mr. Frugasaurus is still writing as much as he can. On Sunday I even posted another Etsy listing, a rainbow-themed bullet journal calendar. We are steadily plodding along, but if you looked at our life on the surface, you would see no discernible change at all.

The difficult patience

As I grow older, I realize more and more that dreams and goals are not a pyramid you build steadily brick by brick. In that imagery, you would see your progress every step of the way. But you do not. Instead, dreams are like seeds.

Step 1: Planting

After you plant a seed into suitable soil, you need to wait. Some seeds sprout fast, but the big seeds usually take weeks and months before you can see any measure of success above the ground.

For lack of input, many people leave their dream in the soil before it has had a chance to grow. They think they failed, but they might just not have been patient enough.

Step 2: Fertilizer

A seed comes equipped with all the nutrients and resources it needs to sprout into a seedling. But the seed can only hold so much. After it has depleted its resources, the seedling must get its nutrients from the surrounding soil and water.

In the same way, most of us are full of energy and motivation once a new idea or goal strikes our fancy. Progress comes easy, and the first small goals are met steadily.

But that initial drive eventually turns into the everyday slog. We might have a goal of debt freedom, but when it is several years ahead it can be difficult to stay the course. The same for financial independence and starting a business. It is easy in the beginning, as motivation drives us forward. But eventually we need to rely on external motivators to keep us going.

This can be visualizing our goals, creating strong habits, or carving a little time to work on our goals every day. Whatever it is, your dream is not strong enough to do it on its own. You need to do your best to provide some rich soil in which to grow.

Step 3: Sacrifice

Many of us have many different goals and dreams we want to accomplish at the same time. Especially when we are young, there are juts so many different options.

But as we grow older we realize that each dream requires sacrifices. We can have several of them, but not all. If we insist on trying to let all the saplings grow in a limited area, they will eventually strangle each other and die. As someone who still finds it a little difficult to prickle my seedlings, I know this one too well.

It is not cruel to remove the majority of the seedlings to allow the rest to survive and thrive. It is simply good gardening practices.

Change takes time

A few weeks ago, I finally planted a seed I had been harbouring for many years. I hope it will grow into a mighty oak, or maybe a yielding willow?

No matter the kind, it is still deep underground. All I can do is to keep weeding the soil and prepare my garden in the best way I can for when and if it decides to break the soil. Saving money, not inflating our lifestyles and earning more are all ways to make sure the environment is the best it can be for when a dream grows into reality.

Why dreams are like seeds. Musings of Frugasaurus.


This has been an unusually flowery/purple prose post on my part. I do have fun playing with words, so I hope you will forgive me.

Do you have specific imagery when you visualize how to achieve your dreams and goals? Or do you just write them down and get to it? Any specific tools to stay motivated other than nose to ground and keep going?

4 Comments on “Dreams are like seeds

  1. It occurred to me today that I’ve been going about these life goals entirely the wrong way for my personality. I’m not a dreamer. I like the idea of having dreams and working toward big lofty things but that approach almost always makes me miserable and I drop off somewhere in the middle.

    It’s best if I pick a thing to work toward and then just put my head down and work like thunder to get there without thinking too much about my progress as I go. It turns out I’m as uncreative about my pursuit of goals as I am uncreative in general ?

    • Hahaha, it’s good that you’ve found a way that works for you!

      I am generally apprehensive about setting lofty goals, as my experience is that life(tm) finds a way to make me do the opposite. Time will tell if that is the case with this dream too, but I hope not!

  2. We used visuals to track our goal and see our progress while paying off our house. We also highlighted rows in our Amortization Schedule as we progressed. I never thought coloring in progress would help, but it did.

    • Absolutely support tracking and coloring as a way to stay motivated. It’s amazing what a few pages can do!

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