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Hi there, and welcome to Frugasaurus!

We are two weirdo Scandinavians in our (as per 2017) late twenties who discovered the fantastic blogosphere of financial independence a couple of months ago and realised it was the missing piece in our puzzle.

Prior to 2017, we spent 2 years in London. I had just graduated and Mr. E. had just begun his undergraduate degree. Prices were high, permanent jobs were nonexistent, and most of our wages/scholarship went straight to rent, utilities, food and public transportation. Yes, we could have saved while living there, but we were simply too miserable in the concrete jungle where the air was toxic and consumerism abundant.

But in May 2017, I started a new and exciting job back in Scandinavia (where we are both from). The fresh air, the smaller city, and the return to nature just outside our doorstep did wonders for our psyche. With a similarly higher (and stable!) income and a much nicer flat with big windows and almost twice the size of our London abode (and costing less), we are finally feeling like we are ready to get our lives started.

Herein lies the key. We had never really inflated our lifestyles much beyond the basics of rent, food, electricity, student loans (for me), public transportation, phones and the occasional dinner out. With my new fat paycheck (to me at least) on the horizon, I was starting to think about how to save it. I knew savings accounts we prone to devalue due to inflation. I had a vague idea that funds were good, and had been passively investing in a managed climate and environment fund, and I knew I was going to put down some serious dough towards a home down payment. Beyond that though? How could I invest my money in the wisest possible way for the maximum return of happiness and freedom?

For anyone familiar with the financial independence blogosphere, what I found next should be no surprise. Blogs like Mr. Money Mustache, Mad Fientist and Frugalwoods flooded my search engines and were read in quick succession. Thence I started discussing some of the things that had really struck a chord with my partner, Mr. E. and soon, he was getting in on the fun as well.

While the stock analysis and landlording went a little over our heads in the beginning, we are sorely intrigued by the financial independence side of it. We relish the thought of being able to do exactly what we want with our time, if we just buckle down and work hard for a decade or so (hopefully less).

This blog will be all about our journey, frugal tips and tricks, foodie noms, fails and successes and probably also a bit about our interests in side hustles. Mr. E. for one, is an avid reader and writer, and I am a scientist by trade who just rediscovered my love for home chemistry in the shape of cold process soap making.

Our mascot is the mighty Professor Roar Frugasaurus (Ph.D. in Frugality) who will either cheer us on or aim an exasperated sigh our way, depending on how we do.

Onwards to frugality, independence and greater happiness!

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