Home And Brave Experiments

Only a short post today to share…

I Am Home Again!

What a wild ride the last two months have been. I’ve learned a lot, even if most of it was from extracurricular conversations with the professor and not the course itself. My biggest hope and goal is for me to bring this attitude and feeling with me to work every day.

I am only miffed that I missed both spring at home (in full swing as I left for the Arctic) and spring in the Arctic (just gotten started when I left), but such is life.

With my homecoming comes more routines again, and I aim to get back into a blogging routine that feels comfortable. I tend to throw everything else to the wind when exams come my way, and this time was no exception.

The professor even asked if I would be interested in helping him teach the same course next year, as his phd student will finish in July, and there is no one else to run the instruments. This would mean that my own contract would get extended however many weeks I work in the Arctic, meaning potentially more time to fatten up those emergency funds.

There is not really any reason for my main supervisor to object to this (I hope), as it would mean I get my travel and lodgings taken care of, and have free time where I could grab samples for my own project. Win-win!

Double Win-Win

The other win, at least in my mind, is that Mr. Frugasaurus has made the decision to leave the safety of university studies and scholarships behind. At least for a year or two as he explores whether or not he can live off translations and writing alone.

I am super excited about this!

I really believe that now, while I have a stable contract for 3 years, is an excellent time for him to give freelancing an honest shot. If he succeeds, it means that we will still have a stable income when I finish.

Lack of income stability and predictability has been one of those things that causes us both a significant amount of anxiety in the past couple of years, so I almost find it hard to put into words just how thrilled I am about this experiment.

Mr. Frugasaurus is already making a modest income while studying full time, so I am super positive that this will work.

The added bonus is, that if I get asked to teach the aforementioned course next year, I could bring Mr. Frugasaurus and his laptop lifestyle with me!

How many wins are we up to now? Three? Four? Let’s add another one.

Suddenly Maybe

On the eve before my big exam (because when else??) I asked Mr. Frugasaurus if we… instead of waiting another whole year, might just move our wedding plans up to… next month!

What can I say? I like living life on the edge.

So now, we suddenly have no more than a month to get it all in order. I will dedicate its own post to it when we finish, but so far, we are making it a crowd-sourced team effort.

This is more a result of our upbringing and personalities than a conscious effort to be frugal (though I suppose frugality is an ingrained part of our personalities). The venue is the most expensive part, as none of our family members have enough space for both our families, even just the closest ones. The town house ceremony is free, and I already have a traditional outfit that is often used instead of a wedding dress in Norway (a bunad).

Also, since both our families are unabashedly working class, it only made sense to us to turn the whole thing into a potluck. I believe wholeheartedly that people enjoy being asked for help and providing value when it comes to celebrating their loved ones, so we are having everyone who wants to bring either a cold dinner food or a cake.

Honestly? I think this fits me much better. I was not looking forward to being anxious about this for a whole other year, and just jumping into it means I have so much to do that there will be less time to fret.

No? Is that just my brain that works like that?

Anyways, I promise (maybe) to try to get back to more financially themed posts once life starts to settle into its familiar rhythm again.

Though I must admit, it was a shock to the system to go from just a few degrees above freezing to full on summer and 23C (73F)!

8 Comments on “Home And Brave Experiments

  1. Ah Kristine, congratulations!!! On bringing forward your wedding.
    Yes, I myself agree that less time and more to do means less time to worry, which is a good thing for me as well.

    As for being asked to help teach the course in Svalbard next year, that sounds not only like a good opportunity but it is a nice compliment to your work!

    Plus Mr E goes freelance – that’s 3 Big things in one post 😉

    Good luck with the wedding organisation now, and I agree that potluck is a great way to do it. The nicest wedding I went to was my aunt’s years ago, and she made her own food with help from lots of family.

    • Thanks! Everything seems to be falling into place with the preparations a lot easier than we could both have anticipated. So I think everything will work out all right! 🙂

  2. It’s always nice coming home and having a bit of routine after being away awhile!

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Happy you could pull it forward. Sometimes diving in without time to overthink is the best.

  3. Congrats! This is great! We also didn’t spend any money on a wedding and instead eloped to switzerland (though not the cheapest of desitation weddings). When I got my first assistant prof position (non tenure track) in Germany, it also enabled my partner to have more stability to try his luck at things. It took a long while and was very stressful, but I think that our relationship is better for it. Funny, I am not sure if I could depend on someone the way that he depended on me. Interesting thoughts about how comfortable you would be switching places. I’m glad your on an high! And congrats on the job contract!

    • Interesting angle. I am not sure how I will feel about depending on Mr. E. Our hopeful plan for the future is that he creates a stable freelance income, enough to cover us both, while I am still contracted. Once I finish, unless I get a new contract, I could try to do the same. Of course, we don’t know how or if this would work yet!

  4. What a lovely, positive post! How exciting about bringing your wedding forward- it sounds an excellent idea. I am sure that I would have spent less on our wedding if we hadn’t waited so long for the date to arrive because I kept adding extra things and changing my mind about what I wanted…

  5. Congratulations on all of it – your work, Mr. E’s new freelancing career, and your upcoming wedding! As someone who was engaged 4 short months and had a pretty low key wedding, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

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