June Review

Summer is here in full (most days) here in Norway, and people are basking in the warmth and the sun. As I am sitting down to write this, I just delivered a second draft to my supervisor that marked the end of my to-do-before-vacations list!

Expenses this month have been… astronomical! Upcoming weddings will do that to you, and we haven’t even paid the venue yet. C’est la vie! Both Mr. Frugasaurus and I are just trying to keep our head above water at this time with all the planning, organization and travel that has been going on. But in just a few short weeks, things will finally start to calm down.

With that in mind, it is with some trepidation that I present this month’s numbers. But we should be going back to normal soon!


I almost don’t want to publish the report this month, having spent a whopping 17k NOK ($2.1k) on “various”. That is, until I actually checked my log and realised 12k ($1.4k) of that is just me paying for my work travel for which I will be reimbursed later.

Note: As of right now, this is only my (Kristine’s) spending and savings. We might do shared reporting in the future when things settle down, but not yet!


5k ($620) to various is still high for us, but that does include finding a used black woollen tailcoat for Mr. Frugasaurus ($80), new undergarments for the wedding ($130, Mr. Frugasaurus’ wishes), engraving and resizing of our used wedding rings ($190), postage for wedding invitations ($27) membership in a political organization as we both try to engage more and become activists ($60 per year), and me buying a used computer screen for my stationary computer, which I set up to create a new workstation at home ($25).


I only managed to save 11k NOK ($1.3k) or a measly 27 % compared to the 50 % goal. Most of which I expect will be spent for the wedding. A big part of me is looking forward to getting back to normal and saving a whole lot more next month!


Travel was also unusually high this month, as we bought train tickets home, landing us at 1.5k NOK ($190), plus a lot of busing to and fro’ the city to entertain guests and buy stuff for said wedding.

Fixed Expenses

Being, as the name implies, relatively fixed, rent, electricity and phones landed on 6.7 NOK ($820). Nothing big to mention here.

Student Loan

I paid another 600 NOK above the minimum this month, making it a total of 2k NOK ($250). I am working with myself to go back to paying only 1.5k NOK ($190) and put the rest in my mortgage savings account, as the interest on the student loan is only 2%, while the interest in my mortgage savings account is 3.2%.

Still, there is that temptation to get it out of the way…


Groceries were low this month t only 1.2k NOK ($150). I attribute this to us trying to eat out of our fridge/freezer, generally having to empty fridge and freezers for travelling and me having free food at a conference for almost a week.


I saved the best for last, I managed to spend 900 NOK ($110) on social this month, woop!

I can be a terrible homebody, so for me, getting out to spend time with friends is an important priority, whether we spend money or no.

This month, we were celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday on a restaurant boat puttering about in the bay. His only wish for presents as his house was full was that people paid for their own drinks and maybe contributed a bit to the cost of the food and rent of the boat.


My little Etsy sidehustle is also puttering along! Work and life has been a bit mad this month, as you can tell, so I haven’t really had much time to devote to it.

For that reason, I am thrilled that my Etsy shop managed to get in $12 after fees, landing it at pretty much the same income as last month. Not bad for a passive income stream that has just barely gotten started, in my opinion.

One thing all Etsy sellers are anticipating are the new and higher fees that are being implemented. I do not yet know how this will affect my (arguably) small bottom line, but there is only one way to find out!

Onwards to July!

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  1. I’d say the fact that you were able to put ANYTHING in savings while cash flowing a wedding is pretty freaking incredible. Very different than most people who spend well more than a month or two’s salary on the one night event.

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