My First Guest Post – Femme Frugality!

I am afraid I can only muster a short post today. I just arrived in Svalbard today to spend the next seven weeks attending an intensive course about organic pollutants. I have peeked at the schedule, and it will be taking no prisoners.

So instead, I will implore you to head over to my friend Femme’s excellent blog where I recently wrote my first ever guest post! Femme approached me after the quite popular Autism and Personal Finances post I wrote a few weeks back, and very kindly asked me if I wanted to write a post for her autism awareness month feature.

Initially, I didn’t quite know what to write, having written the autism post I had set out to write, but one of Femme’s suggestions about autism and disableism set me off, and off I went.

It is perhaps a little more raw and dark compared to some of the posts on this blog. I try my best to write in a lighthearted and cheerful tone, but some truths cannot be taken too lightly, or they will not come across as they should.

So please, head on over and read the post I wrote about my meeting with disableism and work. And while you’re there, please make sure you read some of her other amazing posts as well!

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    • I hope it will be! I’m hearing good things about it, and if I am really lucky, I’ll learn methods for detecting pollutants at ultra-low levels that I can bring back home and embellish our current methods with! Geek showing through, right?

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