That time I had the privilege of writing a story

In the personal finance sphere, there is a lot of talk about getting a second job or getting your hustle on or just doing x, y or z to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

That is all well and good, I suppose, if you have a job already paying the bills, significant savings, a spouse or parents who are able to support you, or any other sort of safety new to take your mind off the impending doom of feeling like you don’t have enough.

I admire those who have been able to start something new and turn it around when they lose their job. At the same time, I knew I would not be able to do that. At least not where I was a few years ago.  Read More

Optimising your hobbies

We do enjoy a hobby or two here at Frugasaurus central. The winter in particular is a popular season for the more indoor oriented ones, like sewing, crocheting and weaving.

However, there is a prevalent attitude about hobbies, and that is often that they should cost money. Lots of money. The better you get at whatever you do, the better equipment you want/need.

The gamer wants a better computer, the skier wants better skis, the cook wants better tools and the knitter wants more, always more yarn.

In the spirit of Uber Frugal Month over at Frugalwoods, I encourage you to kick that attitude in the curb. If you’re feeling that hobby optimisation creep starting to take over, take a step back, and ask yourself why you started in the first place.  Read More

You will get good at anything you spend time on

And once I realised and internalised that, my world changed.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I used to be a World of Warcraft gamer. I started in high school and kept it up on and off through university and graduate school. Whenever times got tough and depression showed its face, I turned to WoW like a clockwork addict.

Then one day, I had this epiphany. It will seem ridiculous to anyone who has always considered it obvious, but it was revolutionary to me.  Read More

Frugal inspiration from WWII – Use is up, wear it out, make it do or do without

Frugal inspiration from WWII

Frugality has deep roots, especially in times of scarcity. People have a way of finding ingenious ways to stretch their budget, pantry and wardrobe.

After a friend of mine attended a WWII LARP (Live-action role-play). The tales she had to tell when she came back from what had clearly been an intense even was more than a little inspiring.

WWII hit different people in different ways, but for those who were affected it was pretty clear that the scarcity they endured left lasting impressions which they brought with them for the rest of their lives.  Read More


Living in a tiny country with half a foot in the Arctic has its advantages. There’s the free healthcare system and social security network, plus lots of nature, fresh air and gorgeous scenery. You’ve heard all of that before, I’m sure.

What we don’t have though, is access to many of the services available to our friends in countries like the US, the UK and Australia. Things like travel hacking, free Amazon shipping and Vanguard.

Yup, not even travel hacking. We checked, and in short, there are two companies offering credit cards that earn travel points. One has issues with treating their workers ethically, and the other is expensive. No thank you.

But although we write in English in order to reach a broader audience, we are still occasions when we wish to address some specific tips for our part of the world. Nordnet is one such site (we have no affiliation to Nordnet, we just want to help other Nordic savers).  Read More

Sidehustle log 03: Launching Etsy

It’s January and the crisp, fresh start of a whole new year!

If this is your first time checking in to the sidehustle log, you can find the rest of the series here:

The snow is still piling up in the sub-zero degrees outside, and it is a great time to be spending the long, dark evenings on writing blog posts, producing content and setting up new things.

As you probably inferred from the above title, my little sidehustle has just entered the big online world of Etsy with its very own little shop! (Yaaaaaaay)

As I mentioned in my previous instalment of the sidehustle log (02: Christmas Market), I am an introvert to a fault and I really don’t feel comfortable with the salesperson persona. It is my hope that starting modest with a digital platform where interactions can be in writing will suit my style more in the beginning.

This way, I will hopefully be able to build my confidence and get a little bit of traction. With that, I will order more raw materials and get more batches going. Several soaps were given away as holiday gifts, so I really need to get cracking! Read More

The importance of choosing the right partner

Happy new year!

The first blog post of the year deals with that all elusive and important aspect of many people’s lives: choosing a partner. This one decision can have an enormous impact on your life, physically, mentally and financially. They can make you go off-budget, or stay the course. They can make you depressed or live out your full potential. Partners have a huge impact, and it is important to make such decisions with eyes wide open.

Choosing the “right” partner can be a very scary prospect. I will not pretend to be an expert in any way, shape or form on the matter. After all, I had not had any partners before Mr. Frugasaurus and I got together when I was 25.

What I can do, however, is to relay to you some of the reasons why Mr. Frugasaurus is the right partner for me. Hopefully, this will help other people on their own rocky road of love. Read More

Where we are going – Future Goals

Having recently written about my goals for 2018, I thought it only appropriate to make the last post of the year a more overarching post highlighting our long-term goals.

I think I’ve always been a prepper at heart. Ever since I was a child, I remember thinking about running away to live in a cabin in the woods and the skills I would need to survive such a lifestyle.

During my teens and early twenties, I allowed myself to be carried away by “the Joneses” and general expectations of those around me. For almost ten years, those dreams took a back seat as I fought to acquire an education that society and my family deemed “useful” and appropriate for my cognitive abilities.

It was not until I graduated in the middle of a financial crisis and struggled to keep my head above water financially that I truly realised how far from my childhood dreams I had allowed myself to stray. And no less important, how much I still wanted those childhood dreams, and how true they rung to me even as a young adult.  Read More