Frugal Friday: The Marvellous Library

You’ve all heard of it, we’ve already mentioned it, but the Marvellous Library is such a great boon to any frugal nut and social equaliser, that it deserves its very own post.

The library is Amazing. In Norway, we have two different branches. Local libraries, and university libraries (there might be some private collections I am missing, but those are the ones I have experience with). The truly fantastic thing about both of these is that going to one of them is really like going to all of them.  Read More

Why financial independence?

A couple days ago, I shared a few Mr. Money Mustache(MMM) posts with a friend of mine. On the outside, he is frugal and financially savvy, without being aware of financial independence.

They drive an old, paid off car, have no credit card debt, he enjoys photography, but only buys equipment he wants once it goes on sale, and they bought a house close to his job so he can walk to his well-paying job. He enjoys his job, which I certainly admire, but I still figured he’d be a perfect person to nudge in the direction of financial independence.

But when I tried to share some of my newly discovered, amazing community with him, his reaction was simply “Well, that won’t work if everybody’s doing it.”, and that was that.

This puzzled me greatly, as we already do a lot of things “everybody” don’t do. I respect where he is coming from. I always had the attitude that if you can’t treat/give everybody something, you shouldn’t just give it to some people. Like how a lot of people in “developed” nations yell that less developed nations cannot raise their standard of living as much as we have done, or we’ll kill the planet. Without reducing our own emissions. Uhm, hello? Enormously unfair and elitist.  Read More

How we save on our grocery bill, but still eat fresh produce

We’ve already talked about our personal and environmental reason not to have biological children.

In this post, I want to elaborate on our gradual transformation to a mainly plant based household and how that affects our wallets, our health and our environment.

Just like having or not having children, going or not going vegan is a personal decision that I will not attempt to shove down anyone’s throat. However, just like you can choose to have only one or two children instead of five, you can choose to reduce your animal product consumption without cutting it out entirely.  Read More

November Blog Update

Boy, what a month. I know so many people who don’t like November, but for my own, personal reasons, I do.

November also turned out to be a good month for the blog! Reaching milestones I didn’t think I would be able to so quick, and generally teaching me yet again that I am bad at setting goals and need to learn to set higher, bolder goals.

Finances were good too! Not great, but about as good as expected. Christmas is coming as many of us know, and I did buy one, large splurge which I don’t even have the decency to regret.  Read More

Sidehustle log 02: Christmas market

This is the second instalment of my sidehustle log series, wherein I document my fledgling attempts at setting up a small business. You can find the rest of the series here:

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the first week of December already! I know it’s a trope, but time really has just flied past me these last couple of months. It feels as if it was summer just a short while ago!

Anyway, surprise surprise, we have got a sidehustle log update already! Honestly, I hadn’t planned on doing much except to let my soap finish curing before 2018. But what can you do when opportunity suddenly knocks on your door? You throw yourself around and try to make it work, of course.  Read More

NaNoWriMo and Financial Independence

Finding creativity in a world obsessed with time and money

Throughout the month of November, Kristine and I, along with people around the world, have forced ourselves to sit down in front of our computers and hammered down seemingly random words into a document. These words have in turn become a wonky first draft of a novel – or, in Kristine’s case, those words have in part been a novel draft and a lot of blog posts for you to devour.

NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month, which takes place in November. But, you might ask, ‘how is this related to financial independence?’. Or, you might not ask about it, I’m certainly not going to tell you what you’re asking or not. However, I will lay out some of my thoughts on how I think those to correlate. Read More

Frugal Friday: Cutting hair at home

Here at Frugasaurus HQ, we encourage you to live dangerously. Playing with lye, preserving your own food, and here, without apologies; cutting your own hair. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started. Youtube is, as always, an excellent place to check out first.

No, really. We don’t think there is much reason to go to the hairdresser several times a year, one year after the next. Sure, once in a while it might be nice to get pampered for a special occasion, or perhaps your friend is a hairdresser and you want to help her business thrive. Be aware that the latter is an altruistic choice, and doesn’t need to have anything to do with hair.  Read More

Be careful whose advice you buy

But be patient with those who supply it

I’m sure many of you have heard it before. It was sent to me as a young teenager by an older friend of my brother, and I have revisited it with fair regularity ever since. There is always something in it that strikes me as true. As you might have guessed, today it was the advice part of it quoted above, and how it affects us.  Read More

Don’t wait until the 1st to start that thing

All right, confession time. This post is equal parts a reminder to myself as it is advice for anyone else who might find it useful.

You know how, if you’re active on pages like instagram or something like that, you might run into inspirational quotes? One of them being something akin to “That blog, just start it. That book, just write it.”. I saw one recently and it made me think of just how many times I’ve let “not the perfect time” be an excuse for me not to do something. That is why I would like to encourage everyone, right here, right now, to be their complete, imperfect, authentic selves. Read More

Frugal Friday: Christmas Edition

‘t is the season to be cosy.

At least if you look outside the window. A thin layer of snow has settled and the thermometer is showing below freezing degrees. It is a great time to be snuggled up in the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of tea and either watch magpies figure out how to get the food I hung on treacherously thin branches, or light candles in the evening when all is dark and waiting for spring.

It is also, I suppose, the season when so many people run around with lists as long as their arm, trying to get everything for everyone, preferably while still having some money left over for a bit of food. Unless, of course, they put themselves into debt for several years to come by using a credit card.

To that, as with so many other things in our consumerist society, I say a resounding “no, thank you.”. I do not think my family will think that I love them more if I impoverish myself by buying them expensive, materialistic goods. That is why, this year, I will not be visiting a single mall to buy holiday presents.  Read More