The importance of choosing the right partner

Happy new year!

The first blog post of the year deals with that all elusive and important aspect of many people’s lives: choosing a partner. This one decision can have an enormous impact on your life, physically, mentally and financially. They can make you go off-budget, or stay the course. They can make you depressed or live out your full potential. Partners have a huge impact, and it is important to make such decisions with eyes wide open.

Choosing the “right” partner can be a very scary prospect. I will not pretend to be an expert in any way, shape or form on the matter. After all, I had not had any partners before Mr. Frugasaurus and I got together when I was 25.

What I can do, however, is to relay to you some of the reasons why Mr. Frugasaurus is the right partner for me. Hopefully, this will help other people on their own rocky road of love. Read More

Where we are going – Future Goals

Having recently written about my goals for 2018, I thought it only appropriate to make the last post of the year a more overarching post highlighting our long-term goals.

I think I’ve always been a prepper at heart. Ever since I was a child, I remember thinking about running away to live in a cabin in the woods and the skills I would need to survive such a lifestyle.

During my teens and early twenties, I allowed myself to be carried away by “the Joneses” and general expectations of those around me. For almost ten years, those dreams took a back seat as I fought to acquire an education that society and my family deemed “useful” and appropriate for my cognitive abilities.

It was not until I graduated in the middle of a financial crisis and struggled to keep my head above water financially that I truly realised how far from my childhood dreams I had allowed myself to stray. And no less important, how much I still wanted those childhood dreams, and how true they rung to me even as a young adult.  Read More

Spruce shoot syrup

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful and joyful holiday, no matter how you choose to celebrate it (or not). Today we have a shortish post for you, but it is one I strongly encourage you to bookmark and come back to whenever the spruce is shooting soft, moss-green little chubby shoots wherever you are in the world.

You can thank me later. Happy holidays!  Read More

Frugal habits that also happen to be sustainable

I think one of the main thing that appeals to me about frugality is that there is so much overlap with sustainability. You don’t just get to save lots of money by not buying useless stuff, you also save the world a tiny bit. Yay!

In this lighthearted Friday post, I wanted to highlight some of the thrifty habits of many frugal people, us here at Frugasaurus central in particular. Perhaps you’re doing most of them already, or perhaps you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration before the new year sets in.
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Zero budgeting for the newly frugal

Everywhere you look in personal finance space, there is almost guaranteed to be someone telling you that you need to have a budget. In many cases, it is considered the done thing.

While budgets are great for those they work for, we’ve realised that we actually spend more money when we budget, compared to when we don’t. What we do instead, is zero budgeting.  Read More

The Best Part About Moving Back to Norway

Where the fuck is Norway, anyway?

There is a standing joke up here that so long as Norway is not a part of the European Union, Sweden and Finland looks like a dick getting a bit too close and intimidating to Denmark – as illustrated on the map below. Norway is quite a small country. A quick Google search tell us that it’s about the size of Japan (Norway: 385,203 km², Japan: 377,962 km²) but with about 4% the population that Japan has (our 5 million to their 127 million).

giphy2 Read More

Frugal Friday: The Marvellous Library

You’ve all heard of it, we’ve already mentioned it, but the Marvellous Library is such a great boon to any frugal nut and social equaliser, that it deserves its very own post.

The library is Amazing. In Norway, we have two different branches. Local libraries, and university libraries (there might be some private collections I am missing, but those are the ones I have experience with). The truly fantastic thing about both of these is that going to one of them is really like going to all of them.  Read More

Why financial independence?

A couple days ago, I shared a few Mr. Money Mustache(MMM) posts with a friend of mine. On the outside, he is frugal and financially savvy, without being aware of financial independence.

They drive an old, paid off car, have no credit card debt, he enjoys photography, but only buys equipment he wants once it goes on sale, and they bought a house close to his job so he can walk to his well-paying job. He enjoys his job, which I certainly admire, but I still figured he’d be a perfect person to nudge in the direction of financial independence.

But when I tried to share some of my newly discovered, amazing community with him, his reaction was simply “Well, that won’t work if everybody’s doing it.”, and that was that.

This puzzled me greatly, as we already do a lot of things “everybody” don’t do. I respect where he is coming from. I always had the attitude that if you can’t treat/give everybody something, you shouldn’t just give it to some people. Like how a lot of people in “developed” nations yell that less developed nations cannot raise their standard of living as much as we have done, or we’ll kill the planet. Without reducing our own emissions. Uhm, hello? Enormously unfair and elitist.  Read More

How we save on our grocery bill, but still eat fresh produce

We’ve already talked about our personal and environmental reason not to have biological children.

In this post, I want to elaborate on our gradual transformation to a mainly plant based household and how that affects our wallets, our health and our environment.

Just like having or not having children, going or not going vegan is a personal decision that I will not attempt to shove down anyone’s throat. However, just like you can choose to have only one or two children instead of five, you can choose to reduce your animal product consumption without cutting it out entirely.  Read More