Sidehustle Log 04: March Update And A Website

This is a continuation of my sidehustle log series. The previous instalments can be found here:

March has been an exciting month.

I launched a website, thanks to inspiration from Alan Donegan and the Popup Business School over at Choose FI. I then worked up some courage to tell my friends and family what I was doing for once, seeing an ego-stroking boost in views as a result.

It is down again now, but what can you do. At least it is out there, right? One step at a time and all that. Some of the experimental soaps are almost done curing too, so they will be added as soon as I’ve gotten around to taking some pictures in the crisp winter weather we are currently experiencing this Easter.

Work has been hectic, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, so I haven’t had the energy to work on sidehustles as much as I would have liked.

Despite that, I have to admit that I actually started a new Etsy shop! I heard so much about printables, instant downloads and the laptop lifestyle from the FIREdrill podcast, so I just kind of gave it a go. It is quite fun, and a welcome break if I need to take my mind off writing and over to do something creative in a different way.

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Our Decluttering Box And Other Tips

Decluttering and minimalism is all the rage these days. But with our three and a half bookshelf stacked high with the written word, I suppose we wouldn’t really fit that bill.

Still, we like to surround ourselves with stuff we actually value. If we replace something, the old item should leave. If we’re gifted something we don’t like, weeeeell. It used to take me over two years to work up the courage to donate it, but these days I’m more callous (and these days we don’t receive many gifts, on account of our gifting attitude).

Our cosy apartment with a view is by no means minimalist, but we try to ensure every item has a place. That way, cleaning is less of a “where does it go?” and more of a “put everything back where it belongs” quest.

Most of the time. You’ve caught on by now that we’re not perfect, right? Good.

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The Advantage Of Autism And Personal Finance

Do you have a pattern oriented mind, or are you more firmly in the camp of social thinkers who instinctively know what to say or do?

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed with autism, on what was formerly known as the Asperger side of the spectrum. After years of feeling like an outsider everywhere, I finally had something to put my wondering mind at ease.

With the diagnosis came a peace of mind to not wonder why, oh why, I never seemed to be fully included in a group, and why I had to ask other people if x was feeling y when watching movies, while other people seemed to know instinctively. By not having to think about the “why?” any more, I was able to free up hours upon hours of mental energy.

Social interactions had to be practised and categorised in mental archives. Unpredictable or angry people make me anxious and afraid.

But along with a brain that we jokingly refer to as “running a different operating system”, came a range of advantages that help in our striving towards independence and happiness.

I will not use the words “high functioning” or “low functioning” to refer to autism in this post. Those were originally diagnostic tools for psychiatrists, and were never meant to leave the therapy room. Outside, they have become derogatory and unkind.

If you want a cute yet illustrative introduction to the many facets of autism, I can wholeheartedly recommend this comic by Rebecca Burgess.

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Striking Debt For Relief And Closure

In an attempt at ever-present honesty on this blog, I have come to the realisation that I want to write about some of my issues with money.

The ever-present fear of not having enough of it to cover basic needs, to begin with, and with that, a tendency for hoarding and issues with generosity.

Admitting your own shortcomings is never a fun pursuit, but I hope it could be a relief for glossy images of picture perfect personal finance blogs where all you have to do is cut cable and stop eating out and everything will be sunshine and roses.

Of course, life isn’t always as easy as that, and for someone who has grown up without a surplus of money, there is always the risk of falling off the frugal wagon and into the dark lands of simply being a cheapskate.

Especially if you are sharing finances with your partner and have for years, I admit that this story might not paint me in the best of lights. Still, let us practice honesty and share one of the issues Mr. E. and I have dealt with over the last year.

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Meet The Frugalwoods – Review

About a week after Meet The Frugalwoods was released, I made two realisations:

  1. There was an audiobook available on Amazon.
  2. I had never started my free Audible trial.

Which, all combined, led me to a frugal alternative to lending it at my local library. Being Norwegian, our libraries has a limited selection of English books.

Of course, I unsubscribed as soon as I finished reading the book. Subscription services always make me cautious lest I forget them for a little too long and get charged.

Do you like audiobooks/podcasts, and haven’t started your Audible trial? Why not give it a go if you’re curious about the book? Just remember to add a reminder in your calendar about unsubscribing again before the free trial month is up.

Side thought – Maybe I should try to translate/get it translated. It is cute enough that I would recommend it to friends, but I know at least a handful of them might be more inclined to read it if it came in their native tongue.

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The Joys of Frugal Friends!

There are times when I just sit back and relish just how lucky I am.

14 hour workdays are not one of them, but frugal friends certainly are! I will be the first to admit that I am a fairly private person in real life. I enjoy a handful of close friends that, with my currently busy work schedule, easily fills my need for social interaction by meeting up once every fortnight to once a month or so.

Yup, my life is a veritable roller-coaster of social life. Don’t you know it.

But when we meet, there is no doubt that my friends enjoy frugal solutions and activities as much as we do. If you have frugal friends, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, maybe you’ll come away with a few ideas to what you could suggest the next time you and your friends hang out!

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Buy It For Life

It has been a pretty normal weekend here in the Frugasaurus household. As I am typing this, Mr. E. is pondering away on his own computer and I have been spending the morning puzzling away at sidehustles.

I’ve pulled my kindle out of the bookshelf to read a sample of “Meet The Frugalwoods” written by Liz over at Frugalwoods.

I would like to buy it. A part of me stops with a finger above the purchase button. I just don’t buy that much stuff any more. But I want this book. I want to buy it, write my name in the margins and then lend it out to the world. To encourage friends to write their name in it and then lend it on, hopefully leaving them inspired.

But for the moment, my finger hovers above the purchase button. I still have several tasks to finish today before the day is done. Work before play and all that.

So I cast a glance at the other recommended titles related to Frugalwoods. I find “A Life Less Throwaway” by Tara over at I get another sample.

I like the way she writes. Her style flows effortlessly off the page in a kind, non-judgemental way.

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February update and more

It has been a while since my last financial update (November 2017).

With that in mind, this update will cover a bit about December and January as well. All of them have been quiet months, but then again, most months are nice and quiet around here, it’s how we like it.

The biggest takeaways from February was that after two months of sub 50% monthly savings, February was firmly back in the 50 %! I received a tiny raise of about $50 per month which is being marched into savings along with all the other surplus after rent, electricity, phones and food has been paid.

Want to know more of the details? Read on!

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The Importance of Sharing Finances

Like many other amazing women in the personal finance blogosphere, I was lucky enough to get invited by Chelsea over at Mama Fish Saves to join her 8th of March women’s day blog collaboration. All about empowering women and money and how women rock money!

International women’s day is a strange occurrence in Norway. Not least because of all the mansplainers jumping out of the woodwork to complain about how women in Norway are already equal and have nothing more to fight for (sooo not true), and why, oh whyyy is there not an international men’s day?? So unfair!! (There is, by the way. It’s 19th of November.)

Phew. Glad to have that out of the way. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

But first, a story.

Trigger warning: This blog post contains spousal abuse and violence.

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