Rubber Boot Luxuries

The word “luxuries” brings up some pretty strong connotations for a lot of people. Usually, they are associated with frivolous, often unnecessary spending of items, food or experiences we really could have done pretty well without. What they are not usually associated with are rubber boots. 

But if you’ve grown up knowing some of the pains of your family not having a lot, you might be familiar with a different kind of luxury. Especially if you’re doing all right for yourself as an adult. 

These are luxuries which bring a smile to your face because you didn’t have them as a kid. You might want to share these perceived luxuries with others who don’t have them as well. People who grew up with more material wealth than you might not even recognize it as a luxury at all. But you know better. 

I call them rubber boot luxuries. 

Why rubber boots?

I did not own a pair of rubber boots growing up.

Come to think of it, I didn’t have a pair of good winter boots either. Children grow so fast, after all. Our parents could not afford to keep each child with several different pairs of shoes. We got sneakers and when winter approached you could go down into the basement and see if any of the generic autumn/winter shoes on the rack would fit you that year.

They weren’t really your shoes, and you put them back on the rack when they chafed your toes for the next child in line. They came from flea markets and relatives, so they were used and rarely waterproof. 

So we were careful when we played with water, and we made sure not to stand still in winter. 

That is why I consider it a luxury among luxuries when I look at how many shoes I currently own. I have summer shoes for hot days, two pairs of heels if I need to dress up, autumn boots, winter boots and – you guessed it – a pair of rubber boots which fit. Mr. Frugasaurus found them barely used online and surprised me with them one day. 

Can there be a greater luxury? I can walk outside on a wet and rainy day and my feet will stay dry!! 

I revel in this feeling. I don them anytime there is more than a light drizzle coming from the sky. As a Norwegian who experiences a fair bit of weather throughout the year, it is amazing to finally have enough clothes and shoes to keep the forces at bay. 

Maintain the feeling

Regular luxuries are a form of hedonic adaptation. You add little luxuries to your life and they become the norm and you need more luxuries to keep you going. 

With rubber boots luxuries though, these things are actually useful, life enhancing things. Enjoying them can increase our happiness because we revel in the small, everyday joys in life. 

Another benefit of rubber boot luxuries is that I feel really grateful and happy about them. I wouldn’t even consider getting a newer or “better” model, because just having a pair that works/is not broken is a luxury in and of itself! 

A backside of being frugal

Another example of rubber boot luxuries are socks. 

Now, I don’t generally throw away things. I’ve even written blog posts about darning socks and keeping them in use because a hole is only 5-10% of the sock, right?? There is still plenty of fabric that can be used! 

Well, even I have to admit that many of my socks are singing their last song. But when laundry day comes about, I still give them that one, last chance. 

So when Mr. Frugasaurus’ grandmother asked if there was anything I needed, he totally tattled on me and told her I needed new socks. Two weeks later I was gifted these wonderful two pairs of new, thin woolen socks. They are amazing. Warm, snug, fit me just right and neither of them have any holes yet! 

Positive focus

I think rubber boot luxuries can be amazing when they keep you positive and grateful. Just make sure you don’t turn it into a tool to pressure yourself negatively. 

Many children, myself included, were taught to finish what was on our plate before we could leave the table. Some were even told to think of the poor, starving children in Africa. And if the child has dinner served up to them and cannot serve themselves, that is just a recipe for an unhealthy relationship with food. One where finishing your plate is more important than listening to your body when it tells you it’s full. 

Many of the parents might have come from a family where food was not always abundant. Their intentions might have been that food every day is a rubber boots luxury. They may have wanted to transfer a positive attitude and gratitude towards food onto their children.

But the application turned into one of pressure and force. 

Those are not rubber boot luxuries, because the whole premise is to enjoy the small things which other people might take for granted. I enjoy my winter coat for the same reason. My grandmother gave it to me because she did not want it. It might not have been a color I would have chosen myself, but that thing is warm as anything, so you can be damn sure I am going to use it and feel grateful doing it. 

What are your rubber boot luxuries?

Most of us might have something we wanted as children but couldn’t get. Or maybe even something we didn’t realize we wanted, but now that we have it as adults we just think it is amazing

Do you have some rubber boot luxuries of your own? Are you consciously aware of how your life might have improved as an adult? We’d love to hear some of the ordinary things other people consider luxuries! 

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