September 2018 – Relationships And Changes

September has been a month largely dominated by the teaching semester being on in full. Work has been hectic, and even though we made attempts at being social, I have just had to scale back. 

Mr. Frugasaurus is also working hard on making his freelance gig work. So even though there have been one or two excursions, this month has been largely dominated by work and working. 

The pie chart

Blue: savings – red: various – green: rent, electricity, phone – green2: Sidehustle – orange: groceries – yellow: student loan – dark green: transportation – pink: social

The spending chart for this month is showing that it was another extraordinary month (it feels like this summer as been nothing but extraordinary months). 

This month, I got a tax back correction from work because of my Svalbard trip. Evidently, Svalbard is a different tax bracket – so when you live there for almost two months, you get more money for saving!

I am not sure why my little phone app insisted on painting sidehustle expenses the same color as our fixed expenses. I tried changing it, but it wouldn’t take. Odd. It should not matter much since the only reason my sidehustle expenses are so high this month is that I bought and paid for hosting for the next three years!

The move had a couple of hiccups associated with it. Some featured images were lost and links had to be changed. But all in all, I am happy with how it went. Especially considering I had never done anything like it before.  

So here’s to hoping I will not get hit by a bad case of blogger burnout right after investing in that! 😉 

Other than that, rent, groceries and transportation is largely where it usually is. 

As for my student loan, I have decided to give myself an early Christmas gift by permanently (at least for now) upping my monthly payment from 1500 NOK to 2000 NOK (about ~$250). Our savings accounts are growing steadily and emergency funds are healthy and strong. I figured I could give myself this small treat. 

Social was pretty much Mr. Frugasaurus and myself going out for a city trip with a nice time at a cafe and a small dinner. It felt nice getting out of the house and doing something we don’t often do, especially on our own. Like a quirky date. 

Various this month included exciting things such as finally buying 6 sheets of reusable silicone baking sheets, two new wooden stirring utensils and a new bike lock for Mr. Frugasaurus. 

Failure of the month

Sadly, various also included registration to a lindy hop dancing course. Mr. Frugasaurus has been beyond excited about learning to dance, and cheerful, energetic lindy hop caught his attention in particular.

I had promised to give it an honest try, but when the day came I had spend the previous day at work for 12 hours constantly socialising and engaging with students,.The next work day was much the same, albeit only the prescribed 8 hours. 

When the time came to go to the course, I was so out-socialized and already exhausted that my introvert self just wanted to hide behind Mr. Frugasaurus. 

But of course, that is not how dancing classes work, especially when they advertise that you don’t need to bring a partner. 

We had to swap partner every few minutes. It was a torrent of handshakes and how-are-yous and small talk and forced smiles and laughter and so, so much forced socialization and small talk with strangers. 

At the end my energy levels were pretty much in the negative. I can’t remember the last time I felt so utterly drained. 

Which made me feel bad, because Mr. Frugasaurus had the time of his life.

But I’m not sure I can do it. I’d like to dance, but with him. Not with all the forced socialization of some two dozen strangers. 


To my surprise, FrugasaurusVault has been going better than anticipated, despite my near neglect of it under the demands of work. 

Just before the beginning of October, it narrowly crossed the 400 NOK ($50) mark before marketing fees and such are subtracted (listing feeds are subtracted from the total at the time of purchase). 

These are not mountain-moving wins of course, but just the fact that it hasn’t gone down even though I haven’t had time to put up new listings this month is really cool! 

Want to open your own Etsy shop? Use this link, and we both get 40 free listings!

Over to you

For us, September has been a heavy and somewhat syrupy month. We work hard in the conviction that it will pay off in the long run. But I think we need to change our pace slightly, even if we anticipate “only” three more years until my contract ends and Mr. Frugasaurus hopefully has his laptop business up and running enough to support us both. 

But what about you? How has your September been? Are you feeling the chill of autumn creep up around the corners? It are you on the southern side and you’re finally getting towards spring? Was it a good month? A spendy month? Somewhere in the middle? We’d love to hear how you fared! 

4 Comments on “September 2018 – Relationships And Changes

  1. I love how in the personal finance world “treating yourself” with more money to savings isn’t a weird thing to say haha. Perhaps you could find another friend who might prefer to dance with Mr. Frugasaurus and you can just hang out on the sidelines? When we used to go regularly to a line dancing bar my husband would just hang out and drink a beer at a table while we danced 🙂

    • I know, right? It’s still “treat yourself” – just a different focus!

      That sounds lovely. My problem is that I love to dance, but the whole forced mingling was what killed me. Maybe we need to find something calmer/less hyper-energetic where I can stick to one partner without getting odd looks.

  2. I LOVE that treat 🙂 It’s my favorite gift to us as well.

    We spent a pretty penny this month for my birthday on a really nice meal out with a long time friend and while it was far fancier than I had intended (whoops), we really enjoyed the experience. We only do that once or twice a year, at best, so I refuse to feel bad about it.

    That lindy hop sounds rather terrible as an experience for an introvert who has already over-socialized! I hope you find a better compromise if there is one.

    It’s been a really FULL month for us in a lot of ways, so full I had to push back my monthly update to next Monday!

    • I know, right? It’s the best treat ever, and it just keeps giving!

      I think a meal fancier than intended for a birthday is completely ok. I prefer that so much over receiving ever-more stuff, so I would not feel bad about that either!

      I hear you on the full month, sheesh! We haven’t been back to the lindy hop course, sadly. If only we could find a less hectic/hypersocial dance class, that would be grand!

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