Sustainable Warriors

We are a growing number of bloggers and online personalities who care about both the planet and the world. Here I’ve gathered some of my favourites. This list will be continuously updated. Suggestions are welcome!

Personal Finance/Frugality

  • Budget Epicurean – Made a guest post about pursuing zero-waste over at Tread Lightly Retire Early, and I was hooked.
  • Ethical Millions – The name says it all. Trying to grow money ethically.
  • Kiwi and Keweenaw – Mrs. Kiwi and I might just be blogging doppeltgangers. We are both primarily plant based and work within environmental fields!
  • Little Green Revelations – Intentional living, ethical minimalism, and frugal priorities. What’s not to love?
  • Ms. ZiYou – Primiarily a feminist blogger, Ms. ZiYou “came out” and is tackling climate change with the rest of us!
  • Our Next Life – Tanja is big on number crunching, but also a concerned citizen who wants to invest sustainably.
  • The Green Purpose – Laine writes about zero-waste, saving money, sustainability and minimalism!
  • Tread Lightly Retire Early – Angela made a splash when she attempted to collect all female personal finance bloggers in the blogosphere, but she is also an ardent sustainability warrior!
  • Triplebottomlinefi – A fairly fresh blog, but all about the intersection between sustainability and personal finance.
  • Vicki Robin – Author of financial and eco-conscious classic Your Money Or Your Life. Vicki is a frequent podcast guest, and everytime she pops up on my feed, my mood improves! She lives the life I dream of.

Zero Waste

I adore following zero-waste warriors blaze a path for the rest of us. We aim to reduce our waste at home too, but we are definitely not as awesome as these guys yet!

  • Altered Eco – Regan writes about zero waste and reducing our impact on the planet in a lively, compassionate way.
  • Treading My Own Path – Lindsay did a plastic free July challenge in 2012, and she never looked back!
  • Zero Waste Chef – If you are familiar with zero waste, you are probably familiar with Anne Marie’s blog. It is a fantastic source of inspiration, guides, recipes and pure joy.


Note: Being in Norway, I am not able to vet or test US sites. I just find them and offer them up as suggestions. Make sure you do your own research!

  • Swell Investing – Invest in different issues, such as green tech, renewable energy, health, zero waste and clean water.
  • Trine – A Swedish startup providing solar loans. You provide the funding and set your risk tolerance, they do the rest!

Norwegian investors

Framtiden i Våre Hender (the Future in our hands) a Norwegian non-profit has made a comprehensive list of sustainable funds and Green Swan accredited funds to peruse (as of March 2018). Perhaps some of the funds are available internationally?

Feel free to bring up suggestions for other resources I might have missed, this page is continually in development!