So We Went Ahead And Bought A House

We bought a house!

Contemplating A Career Change

Wherein I ponder whether to try to figure out what I really want to do with my life, not just what my environment wanted me to be.

June Review

June Review – Expenses abound!

Entrepreneurial FI

Entrepreneurial FI – Our 3 step plan to freedom in the next 3 years!

Home And Brave Experiments

Home And Brave Experiments, an update on recent events.

A Week Without Internet

A Week Without Internet – and my new experiment.

Relying On Your Partner – One Target At A Time

Relying On Your Partner – One Target At A Time. How I realised I had to step back to step it up.

Mr. Frugasaurus’ sleep experiment

Do you struggle to find time for sidehustles? We made one decision that gave us back a full hour every day!