Sidehustle log 08: 2019 Q1 update

Sidehustle log is an ongoing series in which I explore earning money outside my day job through entrepreneurial efforts. Right now, my focus is on trying to build an Etsy digital download shop that I can run from anywhere in the world where I…

Calculating Lean FI Numbers As An Entrepreneur

Traditional financial independence (FI) through saving and investing? Or the more work intensive but potentially quicker route of side hustling and building passive income streams? Why not both! Using myself as an example, I’ll show you how I think when I calculate how much…

Sidehustle Log 07: 2018 First Year Etsy Shop Review

Are you walking around with an entrepreneur in your belly? Want to start on your own but can’t quite figure out how or where you would find the time? I give you an honest, no holds barred, review of my first year of earning…

November 2018 – Sidehustle Record

Just a short update to tell you – I am not dead! And more posts will follow soon as life is starting to fall back into place little by little. I haven’t had time to work on my sidehustle, but I hope to soon!…

August 2018 – Net Worth Zero!

August 2018 – Net Worth Zero!

June Review

June Review – Expenses abound!

Sidehustle Log 05: Going Digital With Etsy Digital Downloads

Sidehustle Log 05: Going Digital!

May 2018 Review

This month we did not even come close to a 50% savings rate!

Sidehustle Log 04: March Update And A Website

For the fourth update in the siddehustle log series, I sold some things!