10 Awesome Sustainable Frugal Bloggers To Follow

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but without sacrificing your frugal priorities? Look no further! Here are 10 fantastic blogs who bring you the best of both worlds. Sustainability and frugality are a match made in…

4 Frugal Habits We Can Learn From People with Autism

It has been almost one year since I wrote about the advantages of autism on personal finance. That post turned out to be immensely popular, so I thought I would write another one, also focusing on the positive aspects of an autistic-inclined mind, rather…

Just Because You Can Afford It, Does Not Mean You Are Entitled To It

I think there is this general attitude amongst us people in this capitalistic world – that if you can afford it, you are entitled to it.┬áIt doesn’t matter if that something has caused pain in the making (ivory, for example). The people with the…

Our Perfect Life

Our Perfect Life – Sketching out how I dream our life would be, if everything goes the way we (think we) want it to.

Our Frugal Honeymoon

Our Frugal Honeymoon – Tips and tricks for saving money on romantic getaways.

Our Decluttering Box And Other Tips

Our decluttering box and other tips.