When the money isn’t worth it

Full disclosure. I actually wrote a post about money not always being worth it a week ago, but I made the mistake of updating plugins the same day and things crashed and there hadn’t been a backup made that day yet. So it got…

May 2018 Review

This month we did not even come close to a 50% savings rate!

Home And Brave Experiments

Home And Brave Experiments, an update on recent events.

A Week Without Internet

A Week Without Internet – and my new experiment.

Svalbard And Ponderings On Universal Basic Income

Svalbard And Ponderings On Universal Basic Income. What can we learn from the community in the high north?

My First Guest Post – Femme Frugality!

I got the chance to write a guest post for Femme Frugality, please make sure to check it out! 🙂