UK FI Pod – Guest Appearance!

Guest apperance one the UK FI Pod with Ms ZiYou

If you haven’t noticed – there have been some changes to this here blog lately! The biggest one being that we are celebrating our one year online mark with changing hosting from WordPress subscription to a different hosting provider where we’re still running wordpress, but we’ve got much more control of the page, it’s contents and our plugins. It is all exiting and a bit terrifying, so please bear with us as we iron out a few kinks. We hope this merge will enable us to share new and exciting things with you, so stay tuned!

But if the most serious effect of the transfer continues to be the mysterious case of the missing featured images, I’ll pat myself on the back and call it a day. With my limited experience, this could have gone so much worse!

I apologize that one of the results of this is that we have lost all our subscribers! Please sign up again if you’d like to continue following us on our journey towards sustainable financial independence.

In other news, the amazing Ms ZiYou has launched a UK FI pod, and I’m on it! Please head over there to give her some love and support, and also just if you want to hear me being anxious and jittery and talking way too fast for comfort.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the guests she has coming on!

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